Scoop X Who What Wear X Walmart by Deanna First

I customized so many SCOOP bags on September 19th in partnership with Who What Wear and Walmart for their brand launch party! Guests were able to pick from a range of designs or something custom. A fall trend report was also given by the Fashion Director of Who What Wear herself Natalie Cantell.

I customized over 100 bags at this event!

Scoop X WWW Deanna First 1.jpg
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Scoop X WWW Deanna First 2.jpg
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ShopStyle Brunch X Deanna First Sketches at 1 Hotel BK by Deanna First

I was thrilled to work with ShopStyle for the first time this week at The Osprey located inside of 1 Hotel Brooklyn this week! The event was a beautifully executed brunch to celebrate ShopStyle's partnerships throughout the years. Guests could pick from 1 out of 2 backgrounds representing either the Brooklyn Bridge or a Rooftop overlooking the NYC skyline. I pre-illustrated the backgrounds and added in logo in advance.

This was fitting considering the venue location and hotel that is known for its stunning rooftop views! I attached a few photos from the event. Note, that my live sketches are done in 5-7 minutes each! Hope you enjoy!

Deanna First ShopStyle Brunch.jpeg
Deanna First Live Sketch ShopStyle1.jpg
Deanna First sketches polka dot dress.jpg
Illustrator Deanna First Live Sketches.jpg
Design by Mixed Greens Events

Design by Mixed Greens Events

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