Bloomingdales X Deanna First Illustrations by Deanna First

I was honored to be asked by Bloomingdales to live sketch in their cosmetics department at two of their locations this past week! I attended their Roosevelt Field location on the 9th and then headed to Huntington on the 11th from 1-4pm both days.

Customers had the option of receiving their desired beauty look sketched or a full body fashion illustration where they carried Bloomingdales signature brown bags!

Each sketch takes roughly 5 minutes to bring to life depending on how many people and outfit preference of customer.

I use Copic Markers, colored pencil and crystals for an extra sparkle! Live sketching is one of my favorite things about my career as a fashion and beauty illustrator. It gives me the opportunity to meet SO many people and introduce them to the craft of beauty illustration.

I'm always pleased to see returning customers and even more thrilled when they tell me they have my sketches framed in their homes. :) Thanks Lindsay and the rest of the team for being so accommodating! #DeannaFirst #Bloomingdales